Summer Visitation Schedules in Texas Custody Cases

Summertime is a special time for families, and it can be especially important for parents who have children in custody arrangements. In Texas, custody schedules are typically set by a court order, which can include specific details about summertime visitations. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at summertime visitation schedules in Texas custody cases.

Why Summertime Visitation Schedules are Important

For many families, summertime is a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It’s a time for kids to take a break from school and for parents to take some time off work. For families who are going through a custody arrangement, summertime can be especially important because it provides a unique opportunity for parents and children to spend more quality time together.

Summertime also offers parents a chance to break up the monotony of the typical school-year schedule. During the school year, kids often have a rigid routine that includes school, homework, and other activities. Summertime can be a time to switch things up and try new things, and it can be a great opportunity for parents and children to bond in a different way.

What is the Standard Summertime Visitation Schedule in Texas?

There is no standard summertime visitation schedule in Texas that applies to all custody cases. Every custody arrangement is unique, and the specific details of the schedule will depend on the individual needs of each family. However, there are some common themes that run through many summertime visitation schedules in Texas.

One common approach is to extend the standard weekend visitations by a few extra days during the summer months. For example, a parent who typically has the children every other weekend might have the kids for an extra two or three days during the summer months. This extended time allows for longer trips and more relaxed activities.

Another approach is to split the summertime evenly between the parents. This might involve alternating weeks or splitting the summer into two equal parts. This approach can be especially beneficial for families where both parents have a significant amount of time off work during the summer.

In some cases, a summertime visitation schedule may include a longer stay with one parent. For example, a parent might have the children for an extended period of time during the summer to take them on a trip or to attend a summer camp.

It is important to remember that a summertime visitation schedule is only effective if both parents agree to follow it. If there is a disagreement, the parents will need to resolve the issue through the court or through mediation.

How to Create a Summertime Visitation Schedule in Texas

If you are going through a custody arrangement in Texas and you would like to establish a summertime visitation schedule, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Review your existing custody agreement: Before you start making changes to your summertime visitation schedule, it is important to review your existing agreement. Make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities, and that you are aware of any restrictions that might apply to your situation.
  2. Communicate with the other parent: Once you have reviewed your existing agreement, it is time to communicate with the other parent. Discuss your plans for the summer and try to reach an agreement on the specifics of the summertime visitation schedule.
  3. Seek mediation: If you are unable to reach an agreement with the other parent, consider seeking mediation. A mediator can help you work through any disagreements and come to a mutually-agreeable summertime visitation schedule.
  4. Consult a lawyer: If mediation is not successful, you may need to consult a lawyer. A lawyer can help you understand your rights and can provide guidance
  5. on how to navigate the legal process of modifying your custody agreement.
  6. Update your custody agreement: Once you have reached an agreement with the other parent, or if a court has issued a new order, it is important to update your custody agreement. This will ensure that the summertime visitation schedule is enforceable and that both parents are aware of their responsibilities.
  7. Stick to the schedule: Finally, it is important to stick to the summertime visitation schedule. If there are any changes that need to be made, it is important to communicate with the other parent and to seek the necessary legal guidance.

Summertime visitations are an important aspect of custody arrangements in Texas. By establishing a clear summertime visitation schedule, parents can ensure that they have the opportunity to spend quality time with their children and to create lasting memories. If you are going through a custody arrangement and would like to establish a summertime visitation schedule, it is important to review your existing agreement, communicate with the other parent, and seek legal guidance if necessary.