50/50 Visitation Schedules in Texas: A Guide to Understanding the Different Types

When parents in Texas get divorced or end their relationship, they may have to work out a schedule for visiting their children. A 50/50 visitation schedule is one where the children spend equal time with each parent. In this article, we will explore the different types of 50/50 visitation schedules in Texas.

  1. Alternating Weeks

The alternating week schedule is one of the most common types of 50/50 schedules in Texas. In this arrangement, the children alternate between each parent’s home every week. For example, one week the children will stay with the mother, and the next week they will stay with the father. This schedule allows both parents to have an equal amount of time with their children and ensures that the children have stability and continuity in their lives.

  1. Two-Two-Three

The two-two-three schedule is another popular option for parents in Texas. In this schedule, the children spend two days with one parent, two days with the other parent, and then three days with the first parent again. This schedule repeats itself every week, providing a good balance between both parents. This schedule may work well for parents who live close to each other and do not want long periods of time away from their children.

  1. Every Other Weekend

The every other weekend schedule is a simpler option for parents who want to share 50/50 time with their children. In this arrangement, the children spend every other weekend with each parent, starting with one parent and alternating every other weekend. This schedule may be suitable for parents who live further apart or have different schedules, as it allows for more flexibility.

  1. Mid-Week Visits

The mid-week visit schedule is an option for parents who want to spend more time with their children during the week. In this arrangement, the children spend the majority of the week with one parent, and then have a mid-week visit with the other parent. This schedule allows the children to spend quality time with both parents during the week and provides stability for the children, as they are not switching back and forth between homes every week.

  1. Summer Schedules

Summer schedules are a separate arrangement that can be made between parents in Texas. During the summer, children may have extended visits with one parent, or the parents may switch back and forth every other week. Summer schedules can be tailored to fit the needs of the children and the parents and provide a break from the usual routine during the school year.


50/50 visitation schedules in Texas provide a balanced approach for children to spend equal time with both parents. It is important for parents to consider their individual needs and the needs of their children when choosing a 50/50 schedule. The different types of 50/50 schedules offer a range of options for parents to choose from, including alternating weeks, two-two-three, every other weekend, mid-week visits, and summer schedules. No matter what schedule is chosen, the goal should always be to provide stability and continuity for the children.